There's been plenty of freak accidents over the years, but here are our top 10 weird football injuries.

Weird ways footballers were injured

10 weird football injuries

Footballers aren’t just prone to injuries through exertion on the pitch, as some manage to see themselves sidelined by off-field antics in some rather strange ways.

From drilling a hole in your toe, to being run over by your own daughter, FootyOn writers have compiled a list of the top 10 weird football injuries.

Santiago Canizares

Usually good with his hands, Canizares dropped an aftershave bottle on his toe.

The bleached blonde-locked former Valencia number one was on the receiving end of a double punch of misfortune.

Canizares won the right to be Spain’s first-choice keeper at the 2002 World Cup, but was cruelly denied his chance.

In the build up, he dropped an aftershave bottle on his toe, severed a tendon and was forced to miss out.

However, that wasn’t where his troubles ended…

A youngster by the name of Iker Casillas came along, took his place and Canizares was soon forgotten by La Roja.

Darius Vassell

Vassell features in our weird football injuries piece for drilling his own toe.

Though it sounds like some sort of mafia style punishment, Vassell drilled a hole in his own toe.

A competent finisher in his day, Vassell also must have fancied himself as a decent doctor.

The former Aston Villa and Manchester City attacker developed a blood blister on his toe and, as any good doctor would advise, took a power-tool to it.

Even football gent Graham Taylor must have cursed Vassell for his DIY procedure – he was out for almost a month.

Paulo Diogo

By far the most gory injury on the list, Diogo managed to lose a finger during a game.

Then on the books of Servette playing against future side Schaffhausen, Diogo squared the ball to a teammate to simply tap into an empty net.

Naturally, Diogo went to celebrate with the fans, but what happened next really must have put his assist in perspective.

He proceeded to leap onto the metal fencing next to the fans.

Diogo then jumped off but, unbeknown to him, his wedding ring was caught on the fence.

The subsequent journey to the ground involved the midfielder ripping his finger off.

To add insult to amputation, he was booked for excessive celebrations.

In fact, the match stewards were searching for his finger.

Doctors unfortunately failed to reattach the digit that evening.

Kevin Kyle

Kyle has his son to blame for his injury.

Former Sunderland and Scotland striker Kyle was feeding his eight-month-old son when the accident occurred.

Perhaps testing out the footballing talent handed down by his father, the infant proceeded to stick out a leg and kick a bowl of boiling water onto Kyle’s groin.

A club insider told reporters: “He is walking a bit like John Wayne at the moment.”

Kyle had to have his burns treated at hospital and missed a match.

His former side Sunderland are in a relegation dog fight this term, and are 11/4 with bet365 to stay up.

Adam Chapman

Chapman and his nipple incident features in our weird football injuries top 10.

While on loan at Mansfield Town, Chapman managed to burn his nipple so badly with baby milk that it briefly kept him out of action.

Then manager Chris Wilder explained to fans what had gone on, saying: “Like the good dad he is, [Chapman] was making his baby some milk and he managed to shake the bottle up and down, but he didn’t put the lid back on properly.”

“He burnt his chest and had to go to hospital for a check up. He’s burnt all his nipple.”

David Batty

Batty was run over by his own daughter.

Former Leeds and Newcastle United star Batty was already out of action with an ankle injury when his recovery took a weird twist.

Batty was mercilessly run over by his three-year-old daughter on a tricycle.

This halted Batty’s rehabilitation and his daughter’s licence was later stripped. Not really.

Leeds, his former side, are 10/1 with Ladbrokes for a top two finish in the Championship this term.

Dave Beasant

Beasant tried to control a falling bottle with his foot.

Excelling at Wimbledon, Beasant had a spell at Newcastle United before making the move to Chelsea.

However, what he’ll remembered for is the infamous salad cream injury.

The keeper dropped a bottle and tried to control it with his bare foot.

Beasant tore a tendon in the process and was out for around two months.

Chic Brodie

Brodie, then Brentford’s keeper, was happily playing against Colchester United until a dog ran onto the pitch.

The hound then ran into the goalie’s knee, breaking his kneecap.

They say dogs are a man’s best friend but, in Brodie’s case, maybe not as he was forced to retire.

After the incident, Brodie said: “It may only have been a small dog, but it just happened to be solid!”

Rio Ferdinand

Ferdinand was injured by sitting down too long.

A real point could have been made that footballers have too much time on their hands after Ferdinand’s injury.

The Ex-England and Manchester United star neglected to move during a particularity long Pro Evolution Soccer and strained a tendon in his knee.

Ferdinand’s former team United are 6/5 with BetVictor to make the top four this term.

Alan Wright

Wright soon returned the Ferrari after the incident.

Wright made his name with Aston Villa, where he made over 250 appearances.

However, he will be comically remembered by many football fans after his weird injury.

Feeling like splashing the cash, Wright bought himself a sparkling new Ferrari.

Standing at just 5ft 4in, Wright had problems reaching the pedals and actually strained his knee reaching for it.

The car was soon returned.

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