There are many bizarre Mark Clattenburg moments.

Most bizarre and/or memorable Mark Clattenburg incidents

Mark Clattenburg moments

It’s official, referees are going to take over the world.

Okay maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but Mark Clattenburg has opened the floodgates for other officials to now start commanding big fees either home or abroad after his eye-opening switch to Saudi Arabia – presumably on big wages and other perks.

We all know refs are a strange breed, perhaps not even human, and one or two in particular are giving the rest a bad name due to their love of the limelight.

Clattenburg has long been one of them, often being in the news for the good, bad or just plain weird.

But now he has his chance to show off his skills abroad in the super rich Middle East nation, after previously stating he’d be interested in officiating in China.

So, read on to view our hand-picked Mark Clattenburg moments…

Tongue wagging

This clearly proves refs are not human!! We told you, Clattenburg’s inner lizard came out on the biggest club stage of them all – the Champions League final.

The slightly disturbing moment happened as recently as last season, when the County Durham-born official was picked to take charge of Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid’s finale clash.

It occurred just after Los Blancos defender Pepe took a typical dive right in front of him.


Clattenburg proudly showing off his tattoos

That move us on nicely to the next of our best Mark Clattenburg moments too.

We know it must be a proud occasion for any referee to not only take charge of a Champions League final but also Euro final in the same year – 2016.

But Clattenburg felt the need to show off his achievements in the form of tattoos on his arm.

Maybe we’re being a bit unfair, but it just doesn’t seem right.

Forgetting cards

Something that Clattenburg will be hoping to avoid repeating during his time in Saudi Arabia, due to his status, is forgetting to bring out his cards in the second-half of a match between Reading and Liverpool.

Thankfully an assistant on the touchline had some to give him.

Free-kick pose

This Ronaldo-esque free-kick pose features among our Mark Clattenburg moments.

We’re not really sure if this was just an unfortunately taken picture angle, or Clattenburg really was envisaging himself about to take a free-kick a la Cristiano Ronaldo style.

He was stood over the ball while fellow maverick Dimitri Payet was readying himself to strike for West Ham against Liverpool.

Big headed comment

This time we know he was being deadly serious.

Speaking about young refs, Clattenburg was captured saying that it was okay for them to achieve slightly less than what he has.

Neil Warnock call/Ed Sheeran concert

Clattenburg shamefully got caught out going to an Ed Sheeran concert alone.

Fiery Yorkshireman Warnock has had his fair share of vocal battles with referees over the years.

However, on this occasion, he managed to actually get Clattenburg in trouble.

Rules state that officials should travel to and from matches together, but Warnock phoned Clattenburg up to rant at him following a game while the ref was allegedly on his way to an Ed Sheeran concert – alone.

Clattenburg was therefore suspended for a week.

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