Jamie Carragher arguments, after Richard Keys spat.

When Jamie Carragher attacks: Liverpool legend’s best Twitter battles

Jamie Carragher Twitter arguments

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has reaffirmed his reputation as someone it’s best not to argue with, after a recent spat with shamed former Sky Sports presenter Richard ‘prehistoric banter’ Keys.

In fairness to Carragher, he is rarely the provocateur – rather the provocat-ee. Much like a wild animal, he will only attack if goaded. And this occasion was no different!

After the retired defender slated Arsenal players on Monday Night Football following their 3-0 defeat to Crystal Palace, calling them “cowards”, Keys took exception to it.

Was it sour grapes that Carragher is now in the Sky studio and Keys isn’t anymore?

Whatever it was, here is the ‘conversation’ in full:

What a slam! In case anyone didn’t know, Keys resigned from Sky in 2011, along with partner in crime Andy Gray, after making sexist comments.

Did Carragher go too far? We don’t really care, it’s just really really fun to watch. Besides, Keys is in no position to take the moral high ground.

But how about other times the MNF star has been involved in spats?

Read on for more Jamie Carragher Twitter arguments…

Carragher v Simpson

As we know, Carragher is always one to speak what’s on his mind and, on this occasion, he was irked by Leicester City full back Danny Simpson’s dig at him for wearing an Everton shirt during a Sky Sports segment with Romelu Lukaku.

Fellow former Manchester United player Gary Neville was also dragged into the conversation, though in fairness to Carragher he was a Toffees fan growing up…

Neville clearly knows his MNF co-star well…

Simpson has really done it this time. No holding back Carragher now as he attempts to further slide the conversation onto when some Leicester players reportedly went to Seville for a meeting to get then-boss Claudio Ranieri sacked…

Carragher couldn’t resist getting the last comment in…

Carragher v Lineker

This time, Carragher very much went in for the kill from the beginning, after Gary Lineker clearly triggered a painful memory for him when idolising the MOTD presenter as a young Everton fan.

A rather tame ending this time.

Carragher v Barton

We all love a bit a Scouse on Scouse Twitter action, and it was inevitable that the loudest Liverpudlians of them all would eventually lock horns.

Joey Barton voiced his opinions about an on-field argument Jordan Henderson had with Mario Balotelli over a penalty in 2015.

After a barrage of Tweets, Carragher interrupted Barton in mid-rant…

Nearly there, we promise…

And we’re in business!

Funny stuff.

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