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10 iconic football celebrations including Cantona’s look and the Crouch robot

10 iconic football celebrations

After months of relentless dabbing, it appears Jesse Lingard has found a new calling card in the form of a dancing flute celebration after rifling in Manchester United’s second against Middlesbrough.

Twitter was buzzing, with users endeavouring to decipher the mysterious movements. Was it in reference to St Patrick’s day?

Well, no. In typical Lingard fashion it was in fact a reference to Drake’s new album.

So, in light of this, we’ve compiled a list of iconic football celebrations…

Paul Gascoigne (dentist’s chair)

As England were hosting Euro 1996, they didn’t have to qualify for the competition, so played various friendlies instead. The last of which was held in Hong Kong.

During the trip, Three Lions players were photographed on a night out which featured Gascoigne and several other colourful characters having drinks poured into their mouths while sitting in a ‘dentist’s chair’.

Gascoigne had been under the media’s scrutiny for his part in the antics – but his superb strike against Scotland in the group stage silenced some of those critics.

The following celebration saw him lie on the floor while teammates poured Lucozade into his mouth.

Eric Cantona (the look)

Sometimes a celebration perfectly encapsulates a moment, player and goal.

After starting on the halfway line and beating two defenders, Cantona played a one-two with Brian McClair then lobbed the keeper from outside the box.

Cantona celebrated like a man who knew he was at the top of his game.

He looked around him, at the Old Trafford crowd, then slowly raised his hands – basking in his own brilliance like the Red Devil king he was.

His former side Man Utd, are 16/1 with Paddy Power in the without Chelsea betting market this term.

Luca Toni (turn up the volume)

Toni is widely loved for his boisterous personality and infectious love of the game without taking it too seriously.

And, that’s what makes his signature celebration so fitting. Cranking up the volume next to his ear with his hand, while grinning cheek to cheek, the lovable marksman inspired many budding footballers to do the same out on the pitch.

Robbie Keane (front roll)

It might be a fairly vanilla celebration that consists of a cartwheel, forward roll and then a pistol action with his hands, but it’s famous.

Be it a tap-in or 40 yard rocket, Keane pulled it out at any opportunity.

Tim Cahill (corner flag boxing)

A legend at Goodison Park after eight years at Everton, he earned the affectionate nickname ‘Tiny Tim’ after the Charles Dickens character, because he is slightly short and slim.

His corner flag celebration first made an appearance during the 2005/06 season and involved him pretending to trade punches with the flag, while putting the Toffees badge between his teeth.

Alan Shearer (point and run)

The Premier League’s all-time leading scorer had a fairly understated, bread and butter celebration your granddad would love.

After winning the PL with Blackburn Rovers in 1995, he moved to Newcastle United in 1996 where he lifted that right hand 148 further times.

In total, he netted 260 league goals in the Premier League.

Robbie Fowler (snorts)

After netting against Merseyside rivals Everton in 1999, Liverpool’s Fowler sprinted over to the white touchline, knelt down and pretended to snort it.

Gerard Houllier suggested it might be a Cameroonian grass-eating celebration, picked up off team-mate Rigobert Song – somehow I think not Gerard.

Fowler admitted it was a response to Everton fans who had insulted him with false accusations of drug abuse.

Liverpool are 8/15 with betway to finish inside the top four this season.

Miroslav Klose (front flip)

The World Cup’s all-time leading scorer with 16, Klose always turned up when it mattered and had a celebration to boot.

Klose possessed a simple arsenal of devastating tools as a player and his basic, yet effective flip was an extension of his ability.

Paul Pogba (dab)

Some may argue the ‘dab’ has spread like a plague over the footballing word, from the world’s very best to Lingard all whipping out the celebration.

However, you cannot argue with it’s popularity. Pogba was the dab, and I use this word lightly, trailblazer in football dabbing and probably added an extra few million to his marketing value with the move.

Peter Crouch (robot)

Crouch quickly became known for his ‘robot’ at a pre-World Cup party at David Beckham’s house in 2006.

Before long he was debuting it on the pitch. Celebrating his strikes against Hungary and Jamaica with the dance.

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