Barcelona and AC Milan are among football clubs with the St George's Cross in their crest.

Foreign football clubs that don the St George’s Cross on their crest

Football clubs with the St George’s Cross

In 1348, the Christian Martyr St George became the patron Saint of England, in recognition of his courage and bravery that apparently depicted the country.

That is despite the Greek man, born in modern day Turkey and a Roman soldier who supposedly defeated a dragon, not even being English.

Nevertheless, St George’s day has been celebrated in England since 1415.

However, it is not just England where his famous Cross is used, as many places in the likes of Spain and Italy also have an affiliation to it.

Even sports teams have adopted it, so read on to find out the foreign football clubs with the St George’s Cross in their crests.

AC Milan

Italian giants AC Milan were actually founded by Englishmen Alfred Edwards and Herbert Kilpin back in 1899, and it was originally named Milan Cricket and Football Club.

However, that is not the reason they have the St George’s Cross in their crest.

It is actually also the Flag of Milan – also associated with Saint Ambrose, who was a controversial Bishop of the city back in the 4th century.

Milan have also boasted a number of English players over the years, including David Beckham, Jimmy Greaves, Ray Wilkins, Luther Blissett and Mark Hateley.


Another world renown team also don the St George’s Cross in their crest.

Likewise with AC Milan, Barcelona’s connection to the flag is not related to England either.

That is despite the fact that both England and Catalonia have the same patron saint.

Known as Sant Jordi in the Spanish region, the national day is their version of Valentines Day.

Gary Lineker is the sole Englishman to have played for Barca in La Liga era, but the club also famously won the first of their five European Cup titles at Wembley in 1991/92. And against another team affiliated with the St George’s Cross, Sampdoria.


Along with fellow Italian outfit AC Milan, Genoa started out as a cricket club back in 1893, and is the oldest current team in the country.

The city of Genoa is another associated with the St George’s flag, so again is not directly related to the fact the club’s owners were English.

However, their first ever colours were made to be the same as England’s national team, and at first Italians weren’t allowed to represent them.


Sampdoria’s official club crest doesn’t actually have the St George’s Cross on it, but they proudly display the emblem separately in the middle of their shirt.

Being based in Genoa, they wear it for the same reason their city rivals do.

Samp has a rich history of English players at the club too, with all of Trevor Francis, David Platt, Lee Sharpe and Des Walker having played for them during the 1980s and 90s.


The St George’s Cross is also the symbol of another Italian city Bologna.

For that reason, they too have a variation of the flag on their crest, along with their club colours.

Another lower division team, just up the Italian A3 from Bologna, Calcio Padova, also have the Cross on their badge.

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