PSNI Football Club is a semi-professional, Northern Irish football club playing in the NIFL Championship. The club is associated with the Police Service of Northern Ireland, and its home ground is Newforge Lane in Belfast.

It was founded in 1928 as RUC (Royal Ulster Constabulary) and changed its name in 2002, following the change in the name of the police.

The club joined the Northern Amateur Football League in 1956 and became one of its leading clubs before being elevated to the Irish League B Division in 1975. The club stayed at this level until failing to gain a place in the reorganised and re-branded IFA Championship in 2008.

Although originally only serving members of the Police Service of Northern Ireland could play for the team, that rule no longer exists.

In February 2019 Will Horwood got appointment as the PSNI FC manager, he has been manager ever since and recently in early November 2019 Will decided to appoint 20 year old Rhys Hadden as the assistant manager. Then in January 2020 PSNI FC started to work on there women's team as they appointed Ross Mackenzie as the PSNI Women's team manager. Ross Mackenzie also appointed Amelia Horwood (Will Horwoods' younger sister) as assistant.