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  1. Netherlands footballers with Suriname heritage XI.

    All-time Suriname heritage Netherlands XI

    There are some absolute legends of the game in this team!

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  2. Summer 2017 free agents.

    Summer 2017 free agents XI: The best out-of-contract stars in each position

    We've picked an all-star free agents XI.

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  3. Yorkshire-born footballers XI.

    What if Yorkshire were a football nation? Here’s our XI of stars born in God’s Own County

    What you think of our all-star Yorkies XI?

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  4. Catalan-born XI.

    Modern era Catalan-born XI

    Find out who features in our all-star Catalonia line-up.

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  5. Who could have played for the Poles? See our FootyOn's would-be Poland XI.

    Would-be Poland XI: All-star line-up of players that chose other nations

    The Poles could potentially have been even stronger with these players.

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  6. Cameroon heritage footballers XI.

    Would-be Cameroon XI: All-star line-up of players that chose other nations

    Cameroon could have been even stronger with these players.

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  7. Former Man Utd starlets XI, of past and present players that made fewer than 10 appearances.

    All-star Man Utd XI of former starlets that played fewer than 10 games

    Check out our all-star XI!

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  8. Great players' first jobs in coaching as Paul Scholes odds backed in next Oldham manager betting

    5 great players’ first jobs in management as Scholes interviewed by Oldham

    Where did these great players start out in management?

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  9. Played for both Man City and Liverpool as the two prepare to clash

    Who has played for both?

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  10. Most expensive Scottish footballers

    Most expensive Scottish footballers ever as Burke joins West Brom

    Who are the most expensive players?

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