Premier League era Welsh Man Utd players quiz.

Name all 7 Welsh Man Utd players in the Premier League era!

Premier League era Welsh Man Utd players quiz

FootyOn have come up with a Premier League era Welsh Man Utd players quiz, ahead of the Red Devils taking on Swansea City across the border.

Many Welsh players have worn the famous Manchester United shirt since the first handful in 1886, but only seven in any senior competition since the 1992/93 season.

But how many do you think you can name? Whatever you think the answers are, test your knowledge by trying out our dedicated Premier League era Welsh Man Utd players quiz!

It is powered by Sporcle and is specially conjured up by our very own FootyOn team.

Are you ready then? There are 7 slots to fill in, in alphabetical order, and you only need to type in their surnames.

So, take a breath, limber up your quizzing fingers and switch on your football brain to name all the Premier League era Welsh Man Utd players:

We have delved deep into the archives in search of Premier League era Welsh Man Utd players.

They don’t have to have necessarily made a league appearance, but just worn the shirt since 1992/93 – so youth players don’t count.

So, how many of them do you think you remember?

You’ll be against the clock, though, with just 2 minutes to complete the list.

Don’t dwell too long on ones you are unsure of – and most importantly, don’t be tempted to search up the answers and cheat!

You may not even have the time…

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How did you do in our Premier League era Welsh Man Utd players quiz?

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