Milan Derby quiz. of AC Milan v Inter Milan stats.

Take our Milan Derby quiz!

Milan Derby quiz

As Italian giants and City rivals AC Milan and Inter Milan prepare themselves for their 219th official meeting, get ready with our fantastic dedicated Milan Derby quiz!

We’ve come up with 15 challenging questions, testing your knowledge on the two teams’ histories and stats in previous meetings.

It is powered by Sporcle and is full of questions specially conjured up by our very own FootyOn writers.

If you find yourself unsure with a couple of answers, don’t worry too much as it’s multiple choice.

So, there’s a one in four, three or even two chance that you’ll still get the question right, or you can give an educated guess by process of elimination to shorten those odds.

Are you ready then?

Take a breath, limber up your quizzing fingers and switch your footballing brain on for our 15 questions below:

We have gone through the years in search of 15 testing questions.

So, how many of them do you think you know?

From facts about when the clubs were founded to total goals in the fixture, test yourself on how well you know it by taking our Milan Derby quiz.

You’ll be against the clock, though, with just 6 minutes to complete them.

Don’t dwell too long on ones you are unsure of – and most importantly, don’t be tempted to search up the answers and cheat!

You may not even have the time…

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How did you do in our Milan Derby quiz?

Let us know how you scored out of 15, by finding us on our Twitter and/or Facebook pages.