Federico Macheda Aston Villa goal quotes.

See what Macheda has to say 8 years on from THAT Man Utd goal…

Macheda Aston Villa goal quotes

Eight years on from THAT goal against Aston Villa to ultimately help Manchester United win the 2008/09 Premier League title, Federico Macheda described the moment to EPSN in an interview.

The 25-year-old Italian is now playing in Serie B for Novara, but there is no doubting his strike that day at Old Trafford aged 17 is the highlight of his career.

Read on for the recent Macheda Aston Villa goal quotes…

“My dream was to play just one game for Man Utd”

“I was supporting Aston Villa!” he exclaimed. “I wanted to get on that pitch so badly, and I knew I’d have a better chance if United were losing. My dream was to play just one game for Manchester United. That’s why I left Lazio, the team I’d supported all my life!”

“[But] United went 1-0 up; [Cristiano] Ronaldo, a free kick inside the box. And then Villa started to play a bit and scored. I thought: ‘Wow, they only need one more goal.’ At half-time I stayed on the pitch to kick the ball around. I was happy there. After 13 minutes of the second-half, Villa scored again. I was secretly thinking: ‘Yes!’ I thought I could come on the pitch after 85 minutes and was dreaming about this.”

Relive the famous goal again…

“‘Kiko! Kiko!’ shouted Fergie. ‘Get ready!’ I looked around. I thought he was shouting to someone else. Then he started again, only this time he was angrier. ‘Kiko! Kiko! Get changed. You’re going on.'”

“I said to myself: ‘Get on the ball as soon as you can’ and went to the halfway line and shouted to Patrice Evra to receive the ball from him. I needed a first touch, and I got that. I knew then that I could play.”

But little did he know what was to come for the 11/8 Europa League favourites with Sky Bet

“I was f*cked!”

“My touches were good. I was pressing, defending and confident. Ronaldo scored. 2-2. I went to celebrate with Ronaldo. I wanted to hug him. I didn’t have the confidence to smash his chest in celebration because I didn’t know him that well, so I went to hug him because I thought it might never happen again. If my career ended in that moment, then I would have been on the pitch next to Ronaldo.”

“Ronaldo said, ‘Let’s go!’ but I couldn’t go, I was f*cked! There was 10 minutes left. The tension, the pressure of doing well in front of all these people. I’d been running like a dog when he’s happy, and I couldn’t breathe any more… but we needed to win.”

Macheda was in awe of his teammate that day Ronaldo.

“These guys were not my usual teammates. My teammates were in the reserve team. Those were the guys I travelled with, shared a dressing room with and played with. When I was in the first team that afternoon, my priority was not winning but playing well, and I had played well.”

“It was after 90 minutes when Patrice got the ball. He gave it to [Michael] Carrick, who switched the ball to Gary Neville. I was running forward, and I couldn’t breathe. I was fitter than I’d ever been in my career because I’d been flying for the reserves, but I was so tired. Neville went forward and passed to me. I made the first touch and tried to turn around with the back heel, but I lost the ball in the first place, and the ball went back to [Ryan] Giggs. I was in a position where I couldn’t do anything. My back was against the goal.”

“I was tired, but I tried to back heel again. I turned and shot. I wasn’t even looking at the goal. It was instinct. At least I would have had one shot on goal.”

“The stadium was going crazy”

“I looked up, and the ball was already inside the net. The stadium was going crazy. I didn’t know what to do. I started to run to my family, but everyone grabbed me. Darren Fletcher started to strangle me on the floor, and I was struggling to breathe. His arm was around my neck. I said to Danny Welbeck, who was hugging me: ‘I can’t breathe, man. Tell him to move.’ Finally, they let go, and I ran to my father, who jumped over the fence and hugged me.”

“[Dad] was crying,” Macheda added. “We’d been in it together and moved to Manchester as a family. I finally walked back onto the pitch and walked around, dazed, for the final two minutes.”

Fletcher couldn’t let go of the then-latest Old Trafford hero.

Like an extract from a novel. His former team now of course are going through a story of their own this season, albeit not the highs of challenging for the Premier League title.

But you can back Man Utd at 11/2 with Paddy Power to finish in the top four this term.

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